Grilled Primosale cheese and grilled pumpkin



 25 Minutes

Ingredients per 4 People

Primosale cheese, 8 slices
pumpkin, 16 slices
olive oil, to taste
garlic, 1 clove
fresh parsley, to taste
fresh basil, to taste
marjoram, to taste
fresh time, to taste
Dried chilli, to taste


Finely chop herbs, pepper and garlic, mix it with a cup of olive oil and a pinch of pepper.
Put the cheese into a dish, cover with the marinate and leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Season the pumpkin slices with olive oil, salt and pepper, and grill until tender. Place on the serving dishes, 4 slices each.
Grill the cheese for 1 minute. Before it melts, put over the pumpkin slices and serve immediately.

Thanks to Food Free Style