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Olives ascolata style



 55 MInuti

Ingredients per 4 People

dry white wine
beef, 14,1 oz
pork, 5,3 oz
extra virgin olive oil
chicken meat, 1,7 oz
green stuffed olives, 1lb
eggs, 2


We will begin by cutting our olives in a spiral, starting from the stem, in order to pit them and to have space for insertion of the filling. Put them to soak in brine. Our mix of meat, however, will be cut into very small pieces and allowed to evaporate in a pan with dry white wine. After lying on our classic fried vegetables, our preparation thus obtained will then be blended with nutmeg and optionally other flavorings such as lemon peel, and linked by the use of an egg and cheese or bread crumbs. We will fill our olives, inserting small balls of our compound. We will coat in flour, in beaten egg and breadcrumbs . They will then be ready to be dipped in olive oil extra virgin, to be fried until browned on the outside and to dry before tasting them. You can eat these olives with with a dry white wine, such as Faleno of Ascoli hills. People from Marche love the taste them as a side dish or combined with a fried cream to create an interesting contrast between sweet and salty in your mouth.

Thanks to: Cucinare Carne